Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Titanfellers Pirate Station

09/10/3065 11:40 Location – Al’Jafir Station, Astrokaszy

Titanfellers Intelligence Officer Karl Schmidt looked over the whole cut in the blazing hot editing suite. His staff was good and this would suffice for these savages, it wasn’t his best work but they had mixed and edited it in six hours.

09/10/3065 12:01 Over the VHF Airwaves

Open up on a wide angle shot of Grenadiers’ working in NBC Protective Gear, gas masks obscuring their faces. A large vehicle cuts trenches through the grey sandy soil and hundreds of covered bodies of people and livestock have been placed inside it. Several Pit Bull and Sand Cat vehicles make the rounds to the village bringing back more covered bodies.

Narrator: Mercs Unleashed caused all this death when they attacked our Airbase along with their Jaguar allies. We valiantly fought them off but were unable to save the village from the toxic gas they released over the innocents here at Ni’keet. All seven hundred of them died in gruesome agony (cut to a video with a man struggling to breath, face covered while being treated by a Grenadier medic, gruesome chemical burns cover his flesh) as an invisible killer stole their breath away.

Their assaults were precisely timed to distract our mighty warriors. Before their inevitable defeat the attackers fled like cowards rather than deal with our righteous judgement. Just like the wicked Ash who claims to be Queen and upsets the rightful order, Mercs Unleashed have made the tribes of Sahra’ Dayie’ Jawhar their pawns. The weak Emirs of Al’Sab and As’Sur have prostituted themselves to these off-worlders hoping to curry favor rather than standing up and fighting the usurper.

Cut to a video of Ash atop the Casbah with Sheikh Ahmed Mahmoud Al’Jafir (the former leader of this area and Warlord that was favorable to the Tribes that now favor the Titanfellers) and a point of Elementals in the background.

Ash grabs the man by his extravagant beard and then nearly severs his head with a big knife. She then kicks the corpse of the balcony into a pile of other bodies. That pile is then set ablaze by a Point of Salamander Battle Armor, their ten flamethrowers turning the mass into a funeral pyre (cremation is a massive cultural taboo in Islam)

Cut from that fire to a low quality video showing a pair of Jump Bombers dropping Napalm bombs on a small mountain village. The village goes up in flames as fuel and ammo causes secondary explosions. The video-grapher zooms in on a group of indistinct Mechs with the Jaguar’s Claws Banner flying prominently from a hill nearby.

Fade to a night vision feed as Major Brekard’s Battlemaster and Command Lance (Catapult, Warhammer, Hercules, and Thunder) engage a Linebacker, Conjurer, Storm Crow, Griffin IIC, and Kintaro through phosphorescent green. Missile trails streak across the desert and impact throwing up explosions that temporarily blur the video. The Battlemechs aggressively maneuver trading blow for blow with the clanners ending with the Jaguars fleeing into the desert night as the Titanfellers stand victorious.

Thomas Brekard: The Titanfellers have defeated these pretenders in the past. We are the only force that can do it again. Stand with me and we will rid your planet of them and allow you to rebuild what you have lost.

End to Titanfeller Banner


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