Battletech Mercs Unleashed

The Real Red Menace, part VI

09/11/3065 20:08 Location – Shervanis Old City, Astrokaszy

Major Grey and her bodyguard units convoyed across the city, Twin Sabers had done a good job of pulling the Hidden Hand and Alptraum out of position and things were going according to plan. She should have known better.

The lead vehicle blew to pieces and the explosion shook her armored car as small arms fire began pouring out of the buildings around them. We’re under attack all units reverse and redirect, the rear vehicle was blocked in by a six man group that had to be wearing power armor based on their size. That left the whole group vulnerable, Operative Thane came in over the radio, Darkwings engage right flank, clear a path for alternate exfil, Grey could see their Hellkites emerge and begin firing heavy weapons at the hostiles in the buildings and the power armored troopers behind.

Their heavy weapons were deafening as they echoed off the wind-worn grey stone buildings, Lets go Major!, she nodded and followed the point-man as he exited the right side door of the armored car which maneuvered to provide some cover to the light infantry. She fired a few rounds to suppress the windows and took cover as the point-man kicked down the nearest door and triggered a mine, pieces of him were thrown across the armored car behind the unit. Fuck!, Saber Six I need you to blow a wall we need to get out of the kill-zone, Roger Major, take cover, danger close, Grey and her fire team dropped prone and covered their heads, Saber team Six prepped their recoil less rifle with an anti-material round and fired it into the masonry wall creating a hole wide enough to enter.

Move, Move, Darkwing collapse on us we will clear the building and find another way out, Felicity and Saber One cleared the building room by room, they weren’t fighting Alptraum but Word of Blake Militia, Watch for Purifiers, shoot anything that shimmers, flash grenades will dazzle them

Ebon Magistrate Operative Thane and his platoon engaged their targets rapidly and with extreme prejudice, gouts of white hot plasma, armor piercing bullets, and explosives tore into their foes and the environment, small fires burned everywhere, his side only had minor casualties, just one fatality, less than a dozen wounded, Thane torched the remains with plasma. He noticed the mysterious power armored troops had broken the axle of their rear armored car and set it aflame killing everyone inside. He fired another burst from his Ebony Pulse Rifle at a particularly brave soldier in the opposite building before falling back having covered the armored car drivers as they torched their own cars with phosphorous grenades.

Felicity Grey followed three behind as Twin Sabers crept through the building, the Pointman’s Pinard Predator auto-shotgun dealt with any Militia infantryman and doors, his secondary TK-576 sub-machine gun at the ready in its sling across the other shoulder. She keyed her radio, Commander Turner we are blocked in by hostile forces can you get to us?, nothing but static answered, Shit! they are jamming us, we have to move, pointing to a pair of her fire-team, you two find Thane we are going to need to stick close, they nodded and doubled back toward the entry point where the Ebon Magistrate was still engaging stragglers.

Elsewhere in the city
Twin Sabers Commander Turner watched through her range-finding binoculars as another salvo was fired from the Light LRM Carrier. There was no point in being stealthy about this now that she had engaged the whole goddamn city. The fragmentation rockets burst in the sky throwing shards of red hot metal into cluster of Hidden Hand militia, the effects visible in infrared from her popped hatch.

There had been no word from Major Grey in twenty minutes that wasn’t a good sign, she should have been at the rendezvous point by now. That meant that she needed to push toward her location which meant fighting through an armory district thick with enemies while low on ammo.

The dull thuds of her Warthog mortar carriers echoed across the street firing gas shells to disperse the militia as her troops advanced slowly, dealing with any foes that popped up to meet them. A Hetzer assault gun blasted holes in any enemy strong-points they encountered while a pair of Super Scorpion Mark IIs provided cover fire with their auto-cannons, missiles, and machine guns. The Canopian sponsored Army of Virtue militia was nowhere to be seen which was unfortunate but not unexpected.


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