Battletech Mercs Unleashed

The Real Red Menace, part V

09/11/3065 18:43 Location – Northern Polar Sea (Alqamar Bahr “Moon Sea”), Shervanis, Astrokaszy

Commander Turner pointed to the rendezvous points for the commandos to be picked up as well as the safe house’s location, if they can get Major Grey to the beach she can be picked up by a mini-sub and smuggled out of the city. If not the Dodo was going to have to fly in and extract the team under fire, it wasn’t a combat vehicle but armor is armor whether it was stealth or not. Twin Sabers would run interference, Tina believed she knew where the Loki Alptraum was hiding but it would take most of her troops to fight their way through the Hidden Hand militia leaving very little in the way of support if something went wrong.

Thane and the Ebon Magistrate prepped their gear, loose robes, and their Hellkite PAs (Prowlers modified to carry heavy weapons instead of magnetic clamps) would conceal their more obvious features but Twin Sabers looked disquieted as they loaded the cyber-commandos. Inside his “coffin” Thane could hear himself being loaded into the water sinking several meters below the calm night sea.

The display built into the top of the Siren’s Song Aquatic Entry System (SSAES) lit up with a small fish eye view from the periscope built into the “foot” of the tube. He pressed his Hellkite’s boots into the pedals in front of him and the engine above his head powered up and began moving him quickly across the three hundred or so meters that separated the mother-ship from the beach beyond. The pedals adjusted his trim and throttle and he noiselessly piloted the craft toward the city. A small 3D audio cue told him when he was nearing an obstacle underwater and eventually he grounded himself on a sand bar near his rendezvous point.

Thane popped the hatch and flooded the compartment with sea water, his kit was fine and he hustled across the twilight beach to the waiting vehicle. The rest of his squad joined him and the van’s suspension lowered noticeably at the addition of nearly three tons of commandos.

19:19 MIM Safehouse

Major Felicity Grey and the fire team of Twin Sabers suited up, things were about to get real hot in the city and they needed to be ready. She donned a Ballistic/Ablative Armor Jacket that weighed heavy on her damaged right shoulder, the pain was intense but bearable, it would all be over soon either way. She wielded a M3 6.8mm Carbine southpaw and a TK MP-76 Machine Pistol was holstered in a reverse cross-draw across her Armor, her pockets and belt pouches were filled with extra magazines and medical supplies. There was no easy way out of the city according to Adam although the Ebon Magistrate had arrived this afternoon to assist in her rescue. This was only their second time in real action and while Commander Arachne had given them high praise Felicity seemed less sure of their high technology preferring more reliable methods.

Ghost Harris noticed the foreigners were acting differently, that was the signal he was looking for. Speaking to no-one, Demi-Precentor, the Witch is here send everyone

19:27 Armory District

Commander Turner and most of Twin Sabers arrived in the area of the Alptraum Command Post. She gave the order and a large truck dropped it’s fake trailer covering revealing its rocket tubes and skewed them onto the target. The Pugio rocket truck fired all ninety rockets in one massive volley, the back-blast did nearly as much damage as the actual impacts ripping masonry apart behind it. Twin Sabers infantry emerged from their unmarked armored cars overturning carts and hiding behind concrete barriers as the Pugio drove away.

Tense moments passed while they watched the heavily damaged structure for any sign of life. Weapons team set up their heavy weapons awaiting return fire and didn’t need to wait long. Sirens blared across the city and a squad of Loki Grenadiers emerged from the ruins firing their mini-PPCs, light machine guns, and Short Range Missiles at Twin Sabers. The Assault Battle Armor’s heavy weapons tore into the meager defenses and vulnerable troopers behind. The Weapons teams poured autocannon shells, rockets, and grenades into the hulking machines as they withdrew to harder cover, sickly yellow smoke filled the streets from hand grenades.

19:58 MIM Safehouse

Major Grey was sandwiched between her fire team of Twin Sabers infantry as Thane and his Ebon Magistrate arrived in armored cars from the beach. Four kilometers of hostile city stood between them and escape.


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