Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Prelude: Warawi

09/10/3065 18:17 Location – Waypoint Juno, 40km W of Warawi

Lieutenant Nyx paused, her Anubis’ sensor package was picking up two mechs one of them an assault class neither of which were broadcasting. Her fast mech kicked up sand which blended in with the near constant sandstorm they had been walking through for two hours. Once in visual range she stopped and opened a point-to-point comm link with the Salamander and Blackjack Battlemechs and returned with them to the main strike group.

Hotfoot sorry we are late, the Lieutenant didn’t want to break radio silence to inform you we would be joining the group. He thought you would need the firepower more than he did.

That’s great news Gloves, I trust you put Flak in that Arm Cannon to take care of our fliers.

Sure did they just need to get close enough to use it

Lieutenant Mutabe’s Battle Armor disembarked from the MULE Cargo Truck they had been riding in for the last few hours. The light armored infantry boarded the Anubis and Locust Battlemechs that would carry them to final strike location.

We are activating our ECM jammers everyone get in formation, we should be able to sneak right up to them if this sandstorm keeps up

19:24 Headhunter’s Base, Warawi

New Captain Marisol Reyes kneeled in front of an alter praying for her now departed husband’s soul. A young man walked up to her from behind attempting to be quiet but catching himself on the rough stone that was abundant in the vaults below the village. She stood up surprising the man who thought her deep in prayer, before she could speak though the man interjected, A thousand apologies Captain but I have urgent news.

The Mercenaries and their witch are attacking, yes? The young man was caught off-guard he had just received the transmission and had ordered the Dropships and Aerospace fighters be brought online asap. How did you know we just got the reports in from the Swift Wind?

I divined this would happen; have they no honor to give me a day to mourn before they try to take my life as well. Tell everyone to bring me that bitch’s head so that we may show it to the Precentor, I would do it just for vengeance now without a material reward.


I get nervous when you start giving us extra firepower.

Prelude: Warawi
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