Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Into the Breach, pt 1

09/10/3065 15:48 Location – Outpost MU, As’Sab

Joe “Hotfoot” Leeson walked between the tents of Mercs Unleashed’s outpost right outside of the heavily worn sandstone village of As’Sab. His tan jumpsuit and white cooling vest were already soaked with sweat, the mercury had reached 61°C and even with air conditioning it was still miserable. Through the heat distortions he could see the command’s Battlemech forces, technical crews were making sure they were ready to withstand and prosecute any attack. The fierce yellow light from Daw’Ibraham baked the multicolored mineral-rich sand of Astrokaszy so powerfully he could feel it through his boots. The powerful winds created a kaleidoscope in the sky that would have been beautiful if everything else weren’t so harsh.

He walked up to the command post, the light brown tracked vehicle still had “DEXTRAN” painted on it in blocky white letters. Joe opened the door to the vehicle’s portable shelter, light strips illuminated the map table. There was only one person in the actual command post and it wasn’t who he was looking for. She looked over as she desperately tried to calm the mass of unruly hair that threatened to trap her headphones under twists.

Joe, what are you doing here? Briefing is in twenty minutes. I’m not even ready.

Sorry Cearra, have you seen Mina?

Not since I woke up which is strange because she is my roommate right now, I figured she was with you considering you and her are a thing. Have you tried the showers?” Cerra Heron got up from her seat and walked over to where Joe was standing crouching down and batting eyelashes “Because that is where I would be if you were looking for me. Cold water and hot Passion mix oh so well.” She paused for a moment before sitting back down and pulling a comb through her hair “but you will never know because she won’t share. Selfish girl. Maybe you should talk to her about it, I can do pillow talk in sixteen languages. Now get moving I have work to do

As Joe was walking out of the command post he heard Signals Officer Heron muttering to seemingly no one This desert air is ruining my hair. How do the local women deal with it? I guess that’s why they wear headscarves.. He was happy to get out of that situation and felt peculiarly pleased that he didn’t need to worry about such problems.


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