Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Aftermath: Warawi

AAR prepared by Lieutenant Jasmina Ilonka

Mercs Unleashed engaged the Headhunters in a fierce melee that unfortunately cost the lives of Mechwarrior Iris “Rook” Shields and Lieutenant Andre Mutabe as well as the unit’s armored infantry. Sergeant Leon Reinholdt, the platoon leader for the base security on Dainmar Majoris will replace him on the command staff. Operations Director Bassch is still tallying the supplies the tech staff and infantry pulled from the Headhunter’s stockpiles, the heavily laden Sustainer land train captured from Wawawi was unable to fully make it back to As’Sab before it became to hot. MULEs are ferrying supplies back to the secure perimeter at our forward base to allow it to continue.

Ebon Magistrate Operative “Thane” has secured Captain Marisol Reyes and Mechwarrior Juan Ramirez from the Highlander, the Tempest’s pilot fought back and was killed. They returned the two of them to the “Baba Yaga” along with the incapacitated Commander Arachne and her Mechwarriors. Captain Blackwell will assume responsibility as the contract lead until Major Grey returns or Arachne is healthy again.

The Headhunter’s Assault Tanks held a defense long enough to evacuate their techs and for the dropships to lift off. Squad Leader Kunimoto chose not to engage the fleeing dropships but vectored to intercept Top Shot before they veered toward the Sleeping Jaguar Oasis. The anticipated counterattack by the Titanfellers failed to materialize overnight despite active radio traffic and multiple sorties from Top Shot that kept Cearra Heron’s signals team awake all night.


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