Battletech Mercs Unleashed

After Action: REDLINE, Titanfellers

09/10/3065 06:08 Location – Al’Jafir Station, Astrokaszy

Technical staff worked as the Sun rose over the horizon, in the process of erecting a Werker-Hetz WH-600 wide area radio tower that had been towed in by a Sustainer Land Train. Two Partisan Anti-Air Gun Trailers, Four Missile Trailers, and a pair of Snap-jaw Mobile Anti-Air Tanks surrounded a collection of sturdy buildings and a Semi-Portable Base Camp. Major Brekard’s Battlemaster kneeled outside the central building poised for action, a pair of Ferret Scout VTOLs were tied up at a helipad on the other side.

Grenadier Grunts stood outside the main building weapons ready; their Dun uniforms and gear blended into the worn concrete of Al’Jair Station and made them look like desert ghosts. Once a major transit hub for this valley between the harsh desert and the more mild mountains Al’Jair had become Task Force:DECLAW’s Headquarters. Inside the building the Titanfellers had unpacked most of their electronics placing them on folding tables, their hard shelled carry cases, used mortar shell boxes, whatever else they could find.

The only formally appointed area was where Major Thomas Brekard, Squad Leader Benjamin Cirillo, Captain Gurn Holfsteed, and their associated planning staff. Ben leaned on his chair picked a cigarette out of his flight jacket pocket lighting it and one for Intelligence Officer Karl Schmidt on the other side of the desk.

TB: Alright gentlemen long night for everyone, lets go over it and grab some shuteye. Gurn what happened at Ni’Keet?

GH: Major, the Jaguars infiltrated the Airbase north of Ni’keet last night. They had perfect intelligence presumably from informants within the village itself. Your old friends Mercs Unleashed arrived concurrently, we don’t know if it was coincidence or collusion but either way the Jaguars broke and ran away in the resulting confusion, detonating shaped charges on the Cryogenic Ammonia tanks. That Ammonia drifted into Ni’keet and resulted in eighty percent lethal casualties from the Ammonia poisoning. We rounded it up to one hundred to get rid of any Jaguar informants. Around seven hundred people were killed overnight.

BC: It’s a good thing the Jaguars ran away before hitting the ordnance trailers, that would have been a mess. I would have seen that from orbit, it would have been pretty but very expensive.

TB: So how long is it going to take to move those trailers back to Tai’iqih to the old airbase

BC: Couple days. We brought enough ordnance to turn the Casbah at Neo Szabo to dust. It sure is nice to work for the Commonwealth, near unlimited budgets make even the most jaded mercs’ heart get all aflutter.

TB: Well since that is dealt with how about we move on to the Headhunters. Mercs Unleashed tore them to pieces, better them than us. At least their Captain Reyes sent us the full dossier on Mercs Unleashed and their employer prior to his untimely death.

Most of this I knew but it is different to see it in print, his benefactor must have major connections to compile that information. I think we can allow them to continue occupying Warawi. Our fight is down here anyway, we should keep an eye on them however, Herr Schmidt can you handle that.

KS: Easy task Major, we send a sensor ops team up there and beam it back here. If they start supporting Mercs Unleashed or come under attack by them we can do more.

GH: Not much more of course, that wasn’t part of the deal. If we stop Mercs Unleashed here though we can collect most of their bounty. It would be a nice bonus all round.

BC: Those damn buggers keep ziggin when they should have zagged, little annoying bugs.
Just stand there and take it like a man.

TB: Karl what do you think about our unfriendly mercenaries?

KS: _ I don’t think they are going anywhere, I don’t know whether they are here to free Ash, capture her for intel or ransom, etcetera. They probably don’t even have a clue why we are here which is how I like it._

TB: They do seem to wander into our path each time though so I wouldn’t cut them out, the Magistracy seem to punch above their weight but below the belt It will be oh so satisfying to end them.

KS: Keep focused on the mission Tom, there are still to many unknowns with Ash.

TB: That bitch keeps surprising me as well, where did she get those SLDF Royal mechs?

KS: Don’t know three units went pirate in this area during the Amaris Crisis according to historical records. She was raiding second-line Jade Falcons perhaps they put something from those onto one of the worlds she attacked in the occupation zone. Maybe she found them during her pirate raids in the Alliance Hinterlands. There are too many options, big universe, little information.


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