Pirate Queen Ash

The Last Watch


Title – Watch Operative | Affiliation – Smoke Jaguar Exiles, the Ash Pirates
Name – Ash | Age – 31 | Sex – Female | Height – 157 cm | Weight – 51 Kg | Build – Small
Hair Color – Brown | Eye Color – Brown | Skin Tone – Dusky
Mechwarrior Phenotype (Canto-Weaver Creche)

Fighting Style – Jaguar Claws (Fast aggressive style like Penkak Silat,with Jujitsu)

Mech Combat Style – Go for the Throat (Concentrate fire on threats, rinse and repeat, zell is obsolete)

BattlemechLinebacker with Mixed weapons (stolen from Jade Falcon)

Language Proficiency – English, Japanese, Arabic

Specialty – Covert Action, Ambushes, Headhunter Raids


Ash was born on Huntress into Clan Smoke Jaguar from a Canto-Weaver Blood-lineage, her Creche like all in Smoke Jaguar was fiercely competitive. Ash and one of her Sib-Sisters Olivia were the worst of rivals regularly engaged in fights that caused injury to one another. She never let up and the Kitmasters were eager to see what would happen in Sibko between the two of them.

Once in Sibko Ash and Olivia continued their competition, Olivia managed to engineer more difficult challenges for Ash by colluding with the other sibkin resulting in multiple Grievances. Their personalities were so divisive and wills so strong that the entire Sibko was separated into Ash and Olivia camps.

While Ash was up to the challenge and nearly succeeded she was conveniently incapacitated by a narcotic before taking her Trial of Position and washed out. She left Warrior training and was put into the Watch as punishment while Olivia became a Star Captain.

Resentful of her new assignment and her missed chance for glory Ash didn’t take to Watch work well. Her commander attempted to right her by force having been an equal failure in his Sibko. Unfortunately for him she was a superior fighter but it still left lasting marks. The death of her superior put her in charge, a position for which she was ready. She was ordered on a a covert operation in the Draconis Combine on the world of Kiamba.

She learned everything she could about the culture of the Combine including their language and customs. She infiltrated the resistance movement but the Spheroids recognized she was Clan and sought to turn her into a double. She played along and lured them into a trap where the Paramilities annihilated them. The resistance never fully recovered from the deception.

She continued to work with the Jaguar Paramilitaries to eliminate resistance with extreme prejudice. She killed dozens of DCMS infantry in one encounter, evaded assassination by Saurimat and DEST commandoes, and brought down an O5P cell operating in the OZ.

That would have been impressive had she been a true Warrior and not a Spy. As such she still was robbed of Glory but continued to hone her skills. Eventually she acquired enough influence to expand and train her own unit made of cast offs. They were ordered to take the fight to the Falcon and Wolf OZs in the Sphere and went undercover on Gatekeeper before moving on to Anywhere through Ironhold.

On Anywhere they seizing effective weapons from the Falcons, stole a Jade Falcon Broadsword, and pressed a Merchant Jumpship into their service. They ran roughshod over weakly defended worlds in the Occupation Zones stymieing the PGC’s attempts to wrangle them.

During these operations the Ash Pirates contacted Loki supported fighters in the Falcon’s Occupation Zone and Loki operatives operating in Crusader Wolf space. LIC case officers actually started handing the unit intelligence on Falcon movements which was even stranger but welcome.

The Ash Pirates have focused most of their effort on the Combine and Clan OZs gathering forces and trading Clan tech to the Lyrans for supplies and weaponry. Their biggest challenge came on the world of Derf, after raiding a Falcon cache The Ash Pirates were engaged by the Titanfellers who were after the same cache.

The two units fought fiercely for days until both were exhausted having taken many casualties. The Ash Pirates were slow to rebuild even after returning to their Lyran contacts with the salvage.

In 3064 Ash’s Pirates went dark, in 3065 they reappear on Astrokaszy now in possession of a wider array of weapons.

Pirate Queen Ash

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