Lady Ruby Deepwater

Durachi Noblewoman, Rising Socialite


Lady Ruby Deepwater
Affiliation – Magistracy of Canopus
Age – 34
Height – 172cm
Weight – 52.5 Kg
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Hazel
Ethnic – Bi-racial (Caucasian, Carib)


Lady Ruby Deepwater is the second of four children by Kalisandra Deepwater and…various suitors but the oldest girl as such she is in line to take over for her mother. Her younger sister Amethyst (legitimately rather than the half-siblings so next in line) has a long history with her that frequently involved their brothers fighting on their behalf. She was sent to Luxen for preparatory school while her sister was enrolled in Our Lady of the Desert on Dainmar, another source of friction between the two.

She graduated with honors, attended the Luxen Leadership Institute before enrolled in the Margaret Ferenz Institute of Veterinary Science back home in Lexington. She took a break to volunteer with the Magistracy Development Corps working to improve animal husbandry in the New Colony Region. She graduated and enrolled in the masters program at that Institute, her consistent and exceptional performance is no surprise to anyone who meets her a veritable renaissance woman she is incredibly talented.

She was sent as part of the Canopian envoys to Paradiso during their arms expo (lobbying the M3 executives to move a factory to Dainmar Majoris). There the mercenary Ryan Corsair caught her eye and she extended an offer to him in particular while allowing his comrades to stay on her mother’s world jabbing at her sister’s former headmistress (Abbess Ferenz).

Ruby continued her lobbying on behalf of the Magistracy Development Corps moving to Luxen to increase her profile along with that of her husband.

Lady Ruby Deepwater

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