Adept Nu V Amethyst Deepwater

WOB Recruitment Officer


Adept Psi III Amethyst Deepwater
Affiliation – Word of Blake (True Believer)
Age – 33
Height – 170cm
Weight – 53 Kg
Hair Color – Black
Eye Color – Hazel
Ethnic – Bi-racial (Caucasian, Carib)


Amethyst Deepwater is the third child of Kalisandra Deepwater and… various suitors her sister Ruby is next in line for their mother’s title, something that she hates just as much as her sister. She was enrolled in Our Lady of the Desert Magdalean School on her home planet. While it was a pleasant experience her sister got sent to Luxen and received greater education, something she protested vehemently. It at least prepared her for the next step in life, a deeply spiritual person she signed on with the Word of Blake after they took over Dainmar Majoris’ HPG C station.

She was sent to Techne’s Revenge for training, her first tour was through the Magistracy during which she spent a lot of time with the militia guarding the facilities and acquiring proficiency in personal weapons. Her second rotation was rather uneventful; assigned to the New Colony Region and rotated as the various colonies established themselves as part of the ongoing colonization effort. Precentor Helen Schlegal heard of her good work and devotion to Blake and sent her to Gibson for additional training.

While on Gibson she was inducted into ROM as a Psi and became a roaming “compliance” officer for the WoB HPG sites in the Magistracy and Hegemony. She learned a wide variety of skills during her training and initial tour but the surveillance was boring and she spent long transits reading the classics. Her single minded devotion to the Word left many enemies in her wake but they dare not harm her.

She was assigned to the Coromdir HPG station as a ranking ROM agent in the Coalition.

Unfortunately events have transpired that force her return along with her brother to Magistracy space.

Adept Nu V Amethyst Deepwater

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