Enrique San Marco

CEO of Paradiso Armor Works, President of Paradiso, FWL Celeb


Full Name – Enrique San Marco Patino
D.O.B – May 26, 3013
Place of Birth – Etna, Oriente, Duchy of Oriente, Free Worlds League
Hair – Brown | Eye – Brown | Ethnic – Latino
Spouse – Natalie San Marco-Paolan (Former Miss Crimson and Canopian supermodel)
Occupation – Businessman, Actor, Philanthropist
Languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese


Enrique San Marco Patino was born in Etna on Oriente to Ignacio and Reena San Marco, both of which were heirs and owners of large civilian enterprises in the Duchy of Oriente. As such he grew up with great responsibility which was shared among his two sisters and three brothers. Enrique and his twin sister Angela occupied the 3rd and 4th positions in that line with the older brother (Marcelino), older sister (Emiliana), and younger brother (Augustin) rounding it out.

All the San Marcos were privately tutored within the Casa de Las Flores, the San Marco Estate. Enrique was then sent to Atreus with his twin sister Angela and enrolled in Tierra del Fuego Preparatory School. They graduated with honors in 3029 then Enrique enrolled in Arcadian Business University.

While he was a solid student in Arcadian University his nights were occupied with partying, this led to a near mental and emotional breakdown. He pulled through graduating in 3035 before going into the Master of Business Post-Graduate Course which nearly culminated in another breakdown. At least by that time Angela and Augustin were on-planet with him giving him some stability.

With his son suitably prepared for management, Ignacio put Enrique in charge of Utilitech, a small industrial vehicle manufacturer with a well-established brand around the League. Within three years he had increased the per unit profitability by 20%, increased productivity by 40%, and launched three new product lines, an amazing achievement. Happy with his progress he took a year of leave handing Utilitech over to its Board of Directors.

That year became three years, always interested in the Arts Enrique took up acting portraying a young Anton Marik in the telenovela Bloodlines. The show lasted three seasons and eventually took him across League and Canopian space where he met his future wife Natalie Paolan. The two began courting in 3040 and were married in 3043.

Resuming control of Utilitech in 3041 he had a different vision for the company and developing the Longspear Main Battle Tank using easily available tech and leveraging Utilitech’s engineering and manufacturing expertise. Utilitech built a line to assemble the unit and began selling it mostly to mercenaries and militia units. The unit performed well and orders continued to come in.

In 3048 Ignacio San Marco died, Enrique used his inheritance to finance a large re-colonization effort on Paradiso, a habitable planet Anti-Spinward of the League, and appointed himself President. The planet was abandoned during the Reunification War but most of the infrastructure was still in place and repairable.

By the end of the year Paradiso Armor Works was in operation at half capacity. In 3049 the factory was at full capacity and design work for the Mongol Fire Support Tank began. Once the Clans invaded P.A.W. began increasing their production runs to back fill secondary units while House units engaged the invaders.

The 3050s were good to Paradiso and operations expanded eventually, President San Marco continued his philanthropy in the League financing many arts and cultural projects with his income. This brought him into contact with the Dukes of the League and allowed him to sell his products to their militias. He even developed a working relationship with Lyran Alliance militias through mercenaries that were working there.

As Paradiso expanded he handed control of Utilitech and P.A.W. to trusted Vice Presidents and governed Paradiso with the best people he could find. Uncertainty and turmoil continue to fill his coffers even if it haunts his conscience.

Enrique San Marco

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