Major Felicity Grey

MIM Sub-Director


Commander Felicity Grey, Marian Desk

Known Aliases
Elizabeth Anderson (3051-3058, FWL Citizen)
Cassia Phi (3058-, Marian Hegemony Pleb)

Height – 1.7m (5’6) | Weight – 137lbs | Age – 38
Hair Color – Red | Eye Color – Green
Skin Tone – Fair | Frame – Medium


Amanda Tonabell was born January 19 in Whiteout City, Vixen in the Magistracy of Canopus her parents were wealthy traders who were part of the new colonization effort to make Vixen a winter tourist attraction. They stayed on till 3037 when she returned with her mother to Canopus IV where she was enrolled in the Crimson Prep School for Girls.

During her time at the Prep School she fell in love with a boy from a nearby school for juvenile delinquents, when her mother found out she was furious and withdrew her from the school. However she had already submitted her application to the Canopian Institute of War, and was accepted. While attending the school she was selected for OCS and became a scout after studying under Colonel Valerie Plai.

She was sent on a covert recon operation under the cover of a pleasure circus in the Duchy of Andurian of the Free Worlds League and assumed the name Elizabeth Anderson. Her unit got into position and completed their mission but their extraction was botched. Elizabeth “charmed” Lord Yokam Turnebaum into getting her group of “entertainers” back to the Magistracy. His wife Lady Isala was incensed and Yokam divorced her this caused her to lose all of the influence she gained by the marriage. She put out a bounty with her family’s money to kill the homewrecker that ruined her political ambitions.

The group returned to Magistracy space and their MAF commands, during the debriefing the MIM officer appreciated Amanda’s ability to improvise and saw potential extending her an offer which she accepted. She spent 3 years training in various MIM training facilities graduating in the upper 20% of the class during which time she adopted the name Felicity Grey.

Her first assignment with MIM was back in the FWL.

She was sent to the planet Obrenovac to keep an eye on the Marik garrison there through sheer bad luck she was uncovered by bounty hunters and had to fight her way out. During her escape Alicia Duman of SAFE agent found her and extended a “recruitment” offer in return for getting rid of the bounty hunters. She refused but her handler was on the comm link at the time and she pulled the whole operation ultimately she was smuggle out of League space to preserve the Magistracy’s infrastructure. Felicity was forced to return to Magistracy space and go through a through debriefing and cool-down period.

Her current assignment is to spy/interfere with the Marian Hegemony, despite the public ceasefire the Canopians don’t want the Hegemony to expand any further. She built the identity Cassia Phi, a Free Trader specializing in Canopian “specialties”, and went undercover on several assignments. During one of these she destroyed an Arms shipment plunging the train loaded with weapons into a canyon on the planet Islignton. These weapons were to rebuild iii Legio. Sullivan Bane, the arms dealer responsible for the shipment, put a bounty on her head in Astrokazy. Principes and Ordo Vigilis officers on the planet managed to catch a rough description of her from Sullivan but she had changed her hair color and used prosthetics to hide her true identity and that of Cassia.

Upon returning to Magistracy space she was given command of an ARC team, ARC team WILDCAT’s current assignment is to keep the Hegemony and Ordo Vigilis busy while the MAF is assigned to assist with CCAF operations and New Colony Region patrols. She is currently on covert assignment and makes her base on Herotitus the vacation world where she spends what little down time she gets.

In 3063 she went AWOL on a covert assignment against The Word of Blake, upon her return a year later she was put on probation after refusing to disclose the details of her operation. Resigned to the Hegemony desk she masterminded a series of covert raids and misinformation campaign against the Marians especially during their occupation of the Illyrian Palatinate. In 3065 she was promoted to Major and given more command over Active Response Corps operations under Colonel Bellanca.

Major Felicity Grey

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