Captain Thomas Brekard

Commander of the Titanfellers' Light Battalion


Captain Thomas Brekard
Affiliation – Lyran Alliance | Occupation – Mercenary
Height – 188cm (6’2ft) | Weight – 89Kg (197lbs)
Age – 33 | Hair – Brown | Eye – Brown | Ethnic – Caucasian

Fighting Style – Prime Cut Martial Science, AFFC Combatives

Mech Combat Style – Triangle Offense (one in front, one side, one opposite)

Languages – English, German, French

Battlemech – Battlemaster (lost the King Crab against The Jade Falcons)

Speciality – Shock Raids, Combined Arms


Thomas Brekard was born on Woodbine into a farming family. He grew up on the farm with the rest of his extended family and received formal schooling in the nearby town of ByCros. After graduating he enlisted in the military and was trained at the Woodbine Combat Center as a Battlemech Tech and assigned to the Woodbine Periphery March Militia. He was promoted to Sergeant and served for four years.

After leaving service with the AFFC he moved to Outreach and became a freelance tech, he signed on with the Titanfellers in 3057 and served with them in the Chaos March. During which he trained to become a Mechwarrior and became an officer in the unit. They hit the jackpot with their Chaos March contract and grew slowly until the fateful mission on Creshan.

He was imprisoned by the Maskirovka for nearly a year after the Titanfellers were forced to surrender to an unnamed mech unit. After being rescued by Loki he and the rest of the Titanfellers changed their allegiance to the Lyran Alliance feeling as if the Suns abandoned them.

The Titanfellers continue to be Loki’s go to guys, having stopped the raid on Zavijava Loki moved their WMB’s to Niflheim Station. The removal of the DMI task force on Port Moseby to reinforce the Secretariat and prevent the Draconis March from being overrun by the DCMS. Loki was left with a perfect opportunity to launch a series of raids on the Jade Falcon’s OZ spearheaded by the Titanfellers augmented by Dark Caste mercenaries from the OZs.

The Titanfellers took a lot of casualties during their clan raids and were re-imagined as a light combat team. They are now two companies of medium-heavy mechs and armor with a lance of Aerospace, conventional, and VTOL and a pair of battle armor platoons.

Captain Thomas Brekard

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