Battletech Mercs Unleashed

The Real Red Menace, part IV

Dodos do fly

09/11/3065 20:43 Location – MIM Baba Yaga (Amur Hull#000), Al’Sur, Astrokaszy

Ebon Magistrate Operative Thane was on watch when he received a flash transmission from Twin Sabers, their authentication codes cleared as ones that Grey would have used.

Immediate assistance required in Shervanis, Major Grey and allies trapped by hostiles

Arachne and the other officers were still delirious, an unfortunate side effect of their sympathetic implants and extensive damage the previous few day, so he was in charge. Not that walking a group of Battlemechs across thousands of kilometers of desert would be easy or subtle.

Kell prepare the Dodo, Full Kit, we are going to Shervanis

In Transit

The Dodo’s sleek lines and low RADAR signature shape caught favorable tailwinds as it sped along at flank speed with a full compliment of Ebon Magistrate Commandos. Thane and the others sat in silence under the red lights in the cargo bay even though most of them could see just fine in the dark. The commandos checked their kit ensuring all power packs and magazines were full before they even got close, you never know when you would need it. Thane and his squad leaders went over detailed maps of the city, memorizing every turn and intersection for potential choke-points and escape routes. The wing in ground effect vehicle’s powerful engines blew great clouds of black sand in its wake. Even at best speed the Dodo wouldn’t make it to the Rendezvous point until nearly Noon with luck it would be fast enough.

Meanwhile in Shervanis’ Old City

Felicity Grey grimaced as she nursed her injuries, she would just have to shoot southpaw since her right wing was busted. The Twin Saber’s Medic Adam attempted to dose her with more painkillers but she refused. Painkillers would make me slow and loopy, both could get me killed, I’ll live, Adam gave up, Suit yourself Major.

The five riflemen had been joined by another squad of troopers, they rotated the watches to ensure all angles were covered as much as possible by fresh eyes. The sporadic gunfire kept everyone on edge but most of it was standard fare for this part of town, just gangsters fighting over territory.

Ghost Harris continued his search through the Old City, there were many non-locals in the district, he could smell it on them, a few entered a beaten up concrete building with a fenced off lot and sun beaten van in the parking lot. Suspicious, Harris found a shadowed balcony and settled in to keep an eye on the area. If his quarry was here surely more would come, his brothers and sisters of the Manei Domini would not come out in daylight yet, unless needed; the Inner Sphere wasn’t ready for them yet.

11:48, Location – OAMT Sabers Crossed, 114 km South of Astrokaszy

Operative Thane and his HELLCAT crew disembarked from the Dodo, the Twin Sabers Commander Turner looked over it impressed. I’m afraid its not for sale Commander, Tina looked at the Ebon Magistrate operatives curiously, they were completely covered despite the relatively pleasant weather, Damn its a fine looking machine, I presume you are Thane, he walked up to her, Yes I am Thane, Where is the Major?, She’s at an old MIM safehouse in Shervanis’ Old City, she’s been hurt but she’s tough to kill, a high speed car crash won’t take her out of the fight, Thane noticed an update on his wrist mounted CommPad, I presume you have some way to get us past the Militia’s checkpoints so we don’t have to shoot our way in, not that we wouldn’t do that if necessary. These plasma rifles and rocket launchers are not for show you know., Tina walked him over to a desert tan tarp and revealed a group of “coffins”, man sized torpedoes, When do we leave?


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