Battletech Mercs Unleashed


Force Assessment

The Headhunters have moved into a blocking position between the Relief Force and As’Sab south of Warawi. The Titanfellers are moving in from the East and South to push the Strike Force into the Headhunters. The As’Sab Guard lance is moving to attack them from the other side.

Major Grey has suggested juking the Strike force toward FOB:Despair to draw the Titanfellers out and give the Relief Force better odds to finish the Headhunters off for good. The Ebon Magistrate Raiders are standing by to attack from the other side.

Relief Force
2 Guillotines, Phoenix Hawk, Stalker, Devastator, Longbow, Dervish, 2 Hunchbacks, Jagemech, Shugenja
2 Ballistas, “Sweeper” Marsden III

Strike Force
Mongoose, Phoenix Hawk, Cronus, Cicada, Locust, 2 Wolf Traps, Hatchetman

2 Schrecks, Behemoth, Ontos, 3 Manticores, Assault Pike
Highlander, Rifleman, Dragon Fire, Tempest, Archer, Defiance, Hollander, Charger
2 Hawk Moths, 2 Warriors H7B, 2 Eagle ASFs

Anvil, Griffin, Shadow Hawk, Super Wolverine, Cobra, Crossbow, Komodo, Clint, Nightsky, Starslayer
Stuka, Thunderbird, 2 Lucifers, 2 Lightning ASFs


AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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