Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Recon Report Day 1

Mercs Unleashed Scout Report for Warawi, Hardcore Headhunters Strongpoint

Lance Lead Joseph “Hotfoot” Leeson and Fast Lance scouted out Warawi. Report enclosed

All approaches are marked with Minefield warnings, we were ordered to not risk damage so chose not to enter the perimeter but did a through sweep of it. Hostile forces are entrenched in well camouflaged and reinforced fighting positions, IR spotlights are located behind those positions. Large earthworks block LOS to the village from the outside. Wire and other mobility obstacles are located away from and on the base of these earthworks.

Patrols on Horseback, Foot, and Utilitech Sandcats are conducted by apparent indigenous Forces. We were unable to determine whether the heavy vehicle emplacements were in use as their combat vehicles were not at battery and field works and netting made positive Identification impossible.

Dual Medium Autocannon Emplacements are located between 270 and 360m away from one another with a missile trailer between them. These positions are only lightly reinforced with earthworks. We are not sure what variant of Autocannon or Missiles they are due to distance, camouflage, and persistent blowing sand. We observed sentries in mobile watchtowers watching us through binoculars during our maneuver. The emplacements did track our unit while we circled but we were well out of range.

Boomerang Recon Pilot Roman’s report below

I have confirmed that the Headhunters’ Fury Dropship has departed Warawi. Long range photos confirm that the Union and Gazelle remain on the ridges east of Warawi and both are warmed up, ready to take off. No Battlemechs or Battle Armor were spotted during my sweep.

Headhunter’s Aerospace was nowhere to be seen; there is evidence of modular structures where they might have been based. An Earthwerks E-600 Engineering Vehicle, Workhorse Tanker, 2 MULE Minelayers, and a MULE Earthworker were located near the Gazelle on a rough airstrip.

The village is silent and dark, the two concentric road rings around the village show a large amount of traffic has recently passed by due to lack of erosion. Several tan colored fabric covers are stretched along the larger internal roads inside the village. No insignia or flags were visible and only a small group of soldiers were conducting patrols.

Human Intelligence Analysis

Warawi consists of sixteen adobe and rock structures most of which are small and like in As’Sur are connected to an underground series of tunnels and storerooms. According to local sources it is only a winter village for the tribes. Most of them leave and reside near Hin’Fadir in the summer working in the mines or on the plantations.

They were unable to make it into the valley before the Jaguar’s Claws took over. As such they are reliant on the Headhunters to provide additional food and conduct trade. Emir Saif El-Baz of As’Sab has authorized his people to supplement the Warawi tribe if necessary to remove Ash despite his kinsmen opposing such an offer to their rivals.

CLO Karras confirmed that the Indigenous Militia’s Heavy Weapons consists of
Four Pugio Rocket Trucks | Three King Scorpions | Detroit "War"Horse, Twin SRM-4s

None of which were visible during the observation period

Ebon Magistrate Recon Report on “FOB:Despair” Titanfellers forward position

Commander Arachne confirmed that Headhunter S&R teams from the Hellspire are utilizing FOB:Despair as a way point. The scouts were assaulted by a pair of Warrior H-7Cs and Hawk Moth attack VTOLs while attempting to double back on the Hellspire battle site forcing them to withdraw into the broken lands west of there.

Long range scanners confirm two Karnovs and several salvage trucks departed from the Hellspire to Warawi. Those that couldn’t make it must have fled to Despair to spend a night while new escorts were rounded up to protect their heavily laden vehicles. Hostile Aerospace strafed any remains they couldn’t salvage denying it to our forces.

Scouts moved within visual range of the Forward Operating Base to confirm Ilonka’s traffic analysis. The base was still under construction but has already developed defensive positions. A company of Titanfeller mechs were joined by a squad of Grenadiers, the VTOL squad that attacked Arachne and Nyx was refueling from a Grenadier tanker during their observation period. Both Magistrate Mechs were forced to outrun the Titanfeller’s quick mechs when they began to pursue.

Cobra 02 | Komodo 2A | Chimera 1Sm | Clint 3-4LBX | Shadow Hawk 2D?| Wasp 3M?
Anvil 3M|Crossbow 6C|Lancelot 01| Thunder Hawk 7X | Zeus 7S? | Commando 3D

2 Improved Pikes (3 AC/2, SRM4) | 2 Gauss Von Luckners | 2 Advanced Zhukovs (2 LGR, SRM6) | 4 Heavy Field Gun Trailers (2 UAC/10s) | 3 Warthog Artillery Trucks
Various Logistical Vehicles

2 Hawk Moth Attack VTOLs, 2 Warrior H-7C Attack VTOLs


Thunder Hawk, 3 Gauss Rifle fun. Primary target should we engage.

Recon Report Day 1
AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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