Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Parched Ground

09/14/3065 07:11 Location – Sleeping Jaguar Oasis, Astrokaszy

The Sleeping Jaguar Oasis had long since gone dry and nothing remained of the once plentiful Divine Palms but bare trunks that stood out of the rocky ground like the skeleton of a once great beast. Strike Commander Joe “Hotfoot” Leeson’s Phoenix Hawk walked through the desolate terrain, its parched soil crumbling under the Battlemech’s feet as it’s sensors reached out trying to find the Titanfellers that he knew should be nearby. Ranvir “Roughrider” Kapoor’s Phoenix Hawk worked it’s way through the parallel track, Task Force FEATHERWEIGHT had broken itself into pairs. His force was faster so they just needed to find targets, any patch of bare desert was as good a battleground as any other.

His force was far enough away from Al’Jair to not suffer the negative effects of the Davy Crockett Nukes that had hit the Baba Yaga, Squad Leader Kunimoto had given him an update on their condition, amazingly their Aerospace and Grey were still alive and Top Shot was grounded for good this time.

FEATHERWEIGHT Lead, this is BIRDSEYE one, we’ve spotted the Titanfellers, they are heading out of the Coolwater pass now

Roger that BIRDSEYE, keep close, Joe keyed the wider BATTLENET, All FEATHERWEIGHT mechs head towards Coolwater, STATIC I’ve found the Titanfellers, send in the Blue Hawks

Outside Coolwater, Jaguar Territory

Major Thomas Brekard and his Titanfellers left the valley of death behind him, he knew that Mercs Unleashed had spotted him, in fact he even called a halt. Let them come he thought he wasn’t going to get captured again, the first time had nearly broken him, no he was going to die fighting.

No Surrender, No Mercy, No Choice

He could see his opponents across the rocky plain, Thomas broadcasted on an open comm channel, We should end this now Strike Commander, you killed a lot of my people on Marius’ Tears under Blake’s colors but I should have crushed you on Zavijava. I’m not going to stop until you and your allies are dead.

Hotfoot responded, I was hoping you would say that because I’ve been itching for a good fight. This is the end for you Major Brekard, your pathetic group has lost, Top Shot is grounded or space junk, the Grenadiers have surrendered to my co-commander. Not even Lyran nukes can give you a chance to beat Mercs Unleashed. We’ll stop Katherine’s dirty little war here and eliminate the Smoke Jaguars. If you want this fight your blood will soak into this parched soil or you’ll disappear into some MIM cell so dark, Loki will never find you.


2 Blue Hawks, 2 Boomerangs, Dervish, Cronus, 3 Phoenix Hawks, Locust, Wolf Trap, Wolf Spider, Charger, Hunchback SF, Cicada (Weight – 625)

Hostile Forces

2 Guardian Jump Jets, Battlemaster, Archer, Komodo, Nightsky, Crossbow, Anvil, Starslayer, Griffin, Shadow Hawk, Lancelot, Zeus, Panther, Fire Javelin, Wasp (Weight – 790)


I don’t care what else happens, that Battlemaster does not walk off the field.

Parched Ground
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