Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Mission Update: Battle at the Hellspire

09/08/3065 14:27 Location – “The Hellspire”, 35km from Divine Palm Oasis

The Hellspire jutted out against the gray sands, its basalt monolith a testament to the ferocity of this world. Once the core of a volcano it has been eroded over eons by the coarse sand of Astrokaszy and its fearsome winds.

A jet black Thunderbolt sheds the gray sand as the wind settles, Major Gray and Lieutenant Inderpal looked out over the sensor feed from Lieutenant Nyx.

Looks like a tough fight coming our way Major sure your team is up for the challenge?

Lieutenant these Mercs are some of the most fearsome and reliable soldiers I’ve witnessed in action, it will be fine

Chief Dolens, those Fighters from the Oasis are vectoring on our position, advise you move the tech section into the lava tunnels, they will be sitting ducks out here.

Affirmative Major, this sand and heat are slowing us down but we will make best speed give us a few minutes

Arachne, you have command over the Ebon Magistrate, harry that attack team and watch the skies. Buy some time or this mission will be done before it begins.

Hot-foot you have command over your team, we will provide fire support

Primary – Your tech vehicles will be in the open for five turns before going underground into the mostly secure lava tubes. Protect them or your ability to continue operations will be compromised.

Secondary – Engage and destroy the Headhunter Assault Squad coming your way

Hostile Forces
Banshee, Charger, Flashman, Axeman, Cataphract, Archer

2 Regulators, 2 Maxims, 2 Condors

Heavily Reinforced (plus four!) Level II of IS Std Battle Armor

2 Eagle Aerospace Fighter

Friendly Forces
Thunderbolt, Anubis, Beowulf, Raven

Phoenix Hawk, Blackjack, Cicada, Cronus, Dervish, 2 Hunchbacks, Hatchetman, Hammerhands, Locust, Wolf “Spider”, Wolf Trap

All the Tech Vehicles (full of supplies and most of your techs!)

2 Blue Hawk Conventional Fighters (which can only make one pass due to fuel unless they drop all their bombs)


So, what I’m hearing is, the Blue Hawks have one pass to bomb the ever love out of a mech.


Not entirely true, that would be the case if you wanted them to return to Al’sur. They can stick around longer but you would need to make a rough landing at As’Sab.

You don’t have to limit your airbases either you have multiple units with dozers. They can make airfields almost anywhere.

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