Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Katherine, Daughter of the Fox IV

08/22/3038 Castle Davion, New Avalon, FedCom

First Prince Hanse Davion kneeled in the Grand Hall of Castle Davion facing a small blonde girl in tears.
Why do I have to go away daddy? Is it because I made Peter cry? I’m really, really, really sorry.
No that’s not it Kiddy Kat, this isn’t a punishment.
But I don’t want to go, I want to stay here.
I know you do but your mother and I can’t give you what you need here at Castle Davion right now. You will make new friends, have fun adventures, and learn a lot at Sister Jocelyn’s.
But why can’t I be Katherine there?
You can make Morgan anyone you want her to be? If people knew you were daddy’s little princess they would treat you differently, you want people to like you for who you are, not what you are.
Can I make Morgan, Queen of the Universe?

Hanse laughed, I wouldn’t wish that on you Katherine, I don’t think you can handle that right now.
But Victor is going to be King of the Universe
Victor isn’t going to be King of the Universe, but he will have a lot of responsibilities and he would be smart to find good helpers, you would help him wouldn’t you?
Of course, he is my brother even if I never see him
I know this is difficult for all of you, being apart. If I could change it I would, my brother and I were inseparable when were lads. He was my best friend, Hanse got a little misty eyed remembering the good times before his brother’s unfortunate death, I really hope that you and your brothers and sisters will eventually be just as close. We will go and see him and your Grandmother on Tharkad in the summer when school is on break. I will write you regularly and if you need anything go and talk to Sister Jocelyn, she knows who you really are.
I love you Katherine, you will do great things some day

12/17/3048 Royal Ballroom, Triad, Tharkad

Cadet Victor Steiner-Davion was the man of the hour, ambitious men and women circled him speaking with praise of his parents and eager to hear his thoughts and stories. A similar collection surrounded a young and pretty women who always seemed on the other side of the room from him, he caught glimpses through breaks in the rank and was curious. Few people tried to evade the Future Archon-Prince of the Federated Commonwealth, eventually he excused himself and managed to shake some stragglers. In the corridors surrounding the ballroom he caught a glimpse of golden hair and blue dress it was the woman who had been avoiding him, overcome with interest he sought her out and quite accidentally cornered her in one of the antechambers.

She looked mildly panicked, Yes Prince Victor? Relax young lady, may I know your name?
Katherine It was only the third most common name on Tharkad and consistently in the top ten for the whole Lyran Commonwealth portion of the Federated Commonwealth, he had known dozens of Katherines. May I ask you for a dance, Katherine? She produced a small fan from a pocket in her dress, I don’t think that would be appropriate Victor looked confused how could anyone turn down that invitation, Why not? She let out a long exhale and put the fan handle under her chin, Because I’m your sister Victor’s cheeks went red with embarrassment, You’re that Katherine! but you look different, and you weren’t on the guest list
Well it has been four years since we last saw each other face to face and I haven’t used my real name in public for years.

Minutes later

Isadora Agrivane chatted with a Nagelring cadet, they had really hit it off but she still was wondering what happened to her friend she had been gone quite some time. Cadet Erik Schneider noticed that Victor hadn’t been around recently either and made a comment to the fact. Isa seized upon that, Maybe they are with each other. If Morgan scored herself the Archon-Prince I am going to be so jealous. A small group of “Morgan” and Victor’s friends decided to find out in true teen fashion by walking in on the supposed lovebirds. The Ballroom had an intricate series of corridors and small chambers surrounding it, many of which were occupied by love struck couples. Eager and foolish teenagers the small group peeked into each room to shrieks, giggles, and yells, sometimes items were thrown. In due time they came upon Victor and “Morgan” chatting in a brightly lit room much to their immediate disappointment. “Morgan” seemed concerned but Victor was unworried, Do you mind? I’m having a conversation with my sister. Their peers jaw’s dropped and they made haste, of course Prince Victor, we apologize for the interruption.

12/18/3048 Tesseraburg Women’s Academy Fencing Room 2

Katherine and Isadora were fully armored with plate and mail over a padded arming coat, they were posed with helmets down and long-swords up. The Commonwealth school of fencing was much like their military formations, heavy, cautious, and focused on endurance. It took a lot of training to avoid hurting yourself when an assault mech fell over after taking a heavy volley of fire and dueling scars were a common occurrence among the warrior-aristocrats. The two opponents took in each other’s measure before beginning their bout, Katherine laid into her partner but recognized that she was holding back. After a few moments she was certain something was different and called a pause, angrily removing and throwing down her helm and banging her gauntlets on the breastplate. YOU’RE NOT EVEN TRYING! COME AT ME WOMAN! Isadora lowered her sword and lifted the helmet’s face-piece, I can’t do that. Katherine was incensed and stomped the ground, WHY NOT!

I don’t want to hurt you
Since when!? Two days ago we had a hell of a match, I still can feel the bruises, Come at me!
I can’t do that Katherine
Teufel noch mal! Isadora, and this is why father insisted most of us use aliases, I’m sorry I lied to you but I’ve been living as Morgan White for most of my life. It shouldn’t change anything, you already have your slot in Sanglamore, you are best Commonwealth school fencer here, how will I get better if you hold back? Her friend still seemed reluctant but pulled her faceplate back down and got into a ready stance, Katherine retrieved her helmet happy that at least this wouldn’t be a wasted morning.


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