Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Katherine, Daughter of the Fox II

Continued from KDotF I

“Solaris 7 News Service”

An explosion has rocked the Allegro Hotel in Solaris City’s International Zone, firefighters are responding and evacuating the building.

04/17/3056 19:18 Location – Unity Hospital, Solaris City, Solaris VII

Princess Katherine just stood there, timed slowed down, she watched the monitor and could see the smoke just a few blocks down. Her hands closed over her mouth whimpering, no, no, he was here just a few minutes ago, maybe he didn’t make it there yet

Her main bodyguard Krauser reacted immediately, drawing his pistol and grabbed the Princess’ arm. All points collapse on the principal, we are evacuating She meekly allowed herself to be surrounded by Diplomatic Guard as they rushed her to a waiting car and then to a safe-house.

INN News Service”

Firefighters have extinguished the Allegro Hotel fire, tragically Galen Cox and five other citizens perished in what appears to be a natural gas leak. Fire Marshals are investigating the explosion but right now there is no evidence of foul play. Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion is safe but has been moved to a safe-house and will no longer make public appearances until the investigation has been concluded. Her brother Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion extends his condolences to his sister and will privately mourn the loss of his friend. He has sent Prince Peter to bring Katherine to Tharkad and asks that all of your prayers and well wishes be sent to his grieving sister.

04/20/3056 Location – LIC Safehouse, Greyland

Hauptmann Isadora Agravine looked helplessly at her friend, Katherine had gone catatonic after crying her eyes out for a whole day and had refused to eat or talk for three days now. All she did was play with her engagement ring.

Isadora pleaded Katherine! Katrina! Morgan! please say something, anything. Everyone in the Commonwealth is sad about Galen you’re not alone, but Ivona and I are really concerned, please snap out of it, all she could do was give her a hug once and a while and make sure she didn’t do something she would regret. She tried everything stories about their time together at Tharkad Elite Women’s Academy, Her experience at Sanglamore, stories that Katherine had told her about NAIS, her family, and youth. Nothing worked, she was really concerned that her friend was gone for good.

So Cold, Katherine muttered, Isadora looked at her, What did you say?, Kat muttered again So Cold, Isa grabbed some blankets from the closet and put her friend under them. Hang in there Katrina, your brother is coming in a few days.

The Next Day

Katherine had slowly begun to come out of her depression spiral, Hauptmann Isadora Agravine, Countess Ivona Reba, and her were gathered around the small table talking while lunch was being prepared. With LIC, MIIO, and S7 investigators out trying to find out who was responsible for the Allegro bombing there was little else to do. The lunch looked very tempting but there was a problem, a sole glass of wine was put in front of Katherine, What is this!? I didn’t order wine, take it back now! or I will break it and remove your eyeball with the jagged stem like a martini olive! Isadora and Ivona were shocked they had both seen Katherine angry before considering they had spent much of their adult lives in her friend circle but even they thought that was overboard.

The remainder of the lunch was uneventful and the women retired to the living room, the TV was of course off, no one wanted to watch the news. Aftershocks still caused the ground to tremble but they had to wait for a more secure arrangement rather than trust the retinue that had come with them.

Later on tea and cakes were served, Katherine drank a small portion of it, the tea tasted strange so she put it down, Is there anything strange about your tea Ivona?, No it tastes normal, within minutes she knew something was wrong. Ivona looked concerned, Katherine you don’t look well, Increasingly concerned I don’t feel well either get Krauser right away, then the convulsions started.

04/22/3056 Location – Dove-class MCHS Temperance

Patient Chart
Name – Morgan Elizabeth White Age – 24
Sex – Female Blood Type – A+

Dr. Seraphina Bhola was making her rounds, the Canopian Hospital Ship was packed with injured but fortunately most of them were being quickly discharged as the Commonwealth and Free Worlds League were getting their acts together. She certainly hadn’t expected to go to Solaris during her cruise through the Steward Confederation but the Magistracy’s best press came from these sorts of missions, although the Inner Sphere welcomed pleasure circuses’ just as eagerly. Those girls are going to make a killing once they get here, Dr. Bhola sighed, all those hunky firemen with their overtime pay… oh well, everyone had their parts to play.

She got around to her most recent patient, she almost didn’t make it, poor girl, at least her vitals had stabilized. Dr. Bhola reached down and pushed her blonde hair off her face. Ms White, please wake up, no response. Too bad, she needed to check her and make sure there were no residual effects from the poison; and it was better to get these things out quickly. Dr. Bhola grabbed the young woman’s shoulder and pushed her, she snapped awake immediately and looked terrified. Ms White, I am Dr. Bhola, you are aboard the Temperance Hospital Ship, someone tried to poison you. You’re better now but I have bad news.

Where are my friends? What bad news? Poison?, Dr. Bhola looked at the woman’s chart, Look I need to check you to make sure there is no lingering effect, please calm down for a little while longer., The Magistracy Medical Corps doctor treated the young woman unaware that it was actually Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion’s alias, as of now she was only marginally known in the Commonwealth’s upper echelon. Her vitals cleared, there was no better treatment for a woman in the Inner Sphere than a Canopian doctor so she was lucky they were there.

Well there don’t appear to be any lingering effects that won’t heal shortly, but now for the bad news Ms White, please sit down, Katherine sat on the bed as Dr Bhola sat down in a rolling chair facing her, Ms White, I’m really sorry to tell you this but we couldn’t save your baby, the poison killed him and it may have rendered you infertile, no technology I know of in the Inner Sphere can reverse the damage.


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