Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Homefront, pt 5

06/24/3065 00:18 Lake Endric Starport, near Lexington, Dainmar Majoris

Anwar disembarked the Jasmine Peril at the Lake Endric Starport in the evening carrying his duffel bag through the chill and persistent mist over the permacrete. The starport lights reflected on the lake; the only light on a moonless night, a Word of Blake transport rolled up to the vessel silently on its eight wheels. The ship was due to be unloaded in the morning so they drove alone across the grounds.

Argent and Amethyst had invited all the Coalition expatriates and some of the other passengers to spend the night at the Lexington HPG and most accepted, their follow on travel arrangements left in the morning so there was no harm looking around, meeting people, and getting more information on an unfamiliar planet. Adept Anero was their de facto tour guide and many were surprised to learn that Adept Deepwater was the daughter of Lady Deepwater, Countess and Planetary Ruler of the planet they were now on. This led to a long series of questions some of which were shut down immediately for being too prying.

The transport drove across darkened hills the headlights being the only light along the black and gold ribbon of road that cut through the valleys. In the distance they could see lights from Lexington and its sister city Concord straddling the Waru River. In front of them they saw the lights of the Word of Blake’s Lexington HPG, both Adepts Deepwater were immensely proud of the facility although it remained shrouded atop its hilly redoubt overlooking the Great Lake of Endric. The horseshoe shaped lake was manmade and maintained by a series of levies that sculpted the mighty Waru through the valleys. The compound could only be accessed from a single road that crept up the hill, the rest of the terrain was filled with boulders and lined with scree making it nearly impossible to traverse even if the Word of Blake Militia wasn’t shooting at you.

The Blakist transport pulled up to the newly expanded entrance way, a pair of Inquisitor SecurityMechs maintained a vigil over the entrance; barely shifting their white bulks as the transport pulled up before continuing to the underground parking facility. The HPG techs had just finished installing the components necessary to upgrade the facility to Class B. The complex while utilitarian had complex and elegant architectural flourishes throughout and magnificent grounds.

Anwar only saw brief glimpses before being escorted to the guest facility by an acolyte, he was shown a room and ate in one of the facility’s canteens. He scarfed the meal down with glee, his first meal in months made entirely of fresh food, the other Aurigonians acted much the same way. The staff obliged them a second helping before escorting them back to the sleeping quarters. A Word of Blake Militia Acolyte kept watch overnight and escorted them out of the complex in the morning. He left a note to be sent to Baqir on Joppa with his new contact information and words of encouragement from his cousin and left it on the transmission desk.

The “Blake Bus” was out front and ready to take them back to the Starport where they would catch their trains. The rolling green hills, teal water, and blue sky were a welcome sight to the group that had grown accustomed to flat brown land and gray skies. The group split up as their respective trains departed wishing each other well and embracing.

The train to Dust was one of the last in the afternoon, Anwar boarded showing his visa and transfer orders and found a seat. The trip would take a few days but he was told there would be some fantastic wilderness.


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