Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Grey's Final Stand? pt 2

09/14/3065 17:08 Location – High Altitude 100 km S of Al’Jair Station

Squad Leader Benjamin Cirillo and his eight plane task force were about to complete their loop. The Grenadiers had surrendered to the Mercs Unleashed attack force but that didn’t change anything about his mission. His objective wasn’t the Mechs and he didn’t much care for the Grenadiers anyhow. No he was gunning for the Mercenary tech support that was slowed and mostly unguarded. It didn’t seem sporting but Major Brekard had given the order and they were valid military targets.

Four minutes out, he was so focused on the bombing sight that Ben missed the threat indicator blinking in his left eyepiece. All four of the Mercs Unleashed Aerospace fighters dove from space like avenging angels and took out the damaged Lightning in a single pass before neatly breaking back to the Thermosphere. The Lightning’s pilot bailed out and the frame crashed into the desert below.

8BALL actual to all contacts, drop bombs and break for the thermosphere. We apparently have company.

The remaining seven fighters dropped their ordnance which detonated harmlessly but noticeably near the tech crews rapidly making for the now captured Al’Jair travel station.

Cirillo had switched his Stuka back to fighter configuration, tracking the hostile fighters along their arcs. Then they disappeared on RADAR, he saw the Amur dropship on long range optical scanners all missiles, cannons, and armor, his Aerofighter’s warbook blinked Unknown Configuration, Active ECM

A transmission on open frequencies was brought to his attention, Squad Leader Benjamin Cirillo of Top Shot, this is Major Felicity Grey aboard the MIM Baba Yaga, return to your base right now or be swept from the sky like so many falling stars.

Major Grey, 30 million c-bills sure would be a nice chunk of change especially if the Titanfellers get killed off, Top Shot blast that dropship and take out the Aerofighters if they give you a shot. Time to really earn our pay.

The seven craft moved to engage, the Redtail bringing up the rear as it fired its Arrow IV missiles at the Baba Yaga. Hundreds of missiles and autocannon rounds from Top Shot and the Baba Yaga crossed the void between them silently impacting their targets with subdued explosions that still shook the fuselage. The Stuka and Thunderbird both took a 203mm Autocannon round to their armored wings, the debris scattered light from Astrokaszy’s bright sun and burned upon re-entry.

The Lightnings were chasing Squad Leader Kunimoto’s Slayer boxing her much larger fighter in with careful maneuvering. Their Autocannons mercilessly tearing through armor panels, punching holes in her coolant lines which bled a sickly neon blue liquid. The Sabres and Stingray vaporized armor off the Lightning’s armored fuselages which gushed with ammonia and other gases that quickly dissipated.

The Lucifer hunted Sabres with it’s large lasers forcing the smaller craft to evade or face annihilation. The light fighters broke off to remove the larger aerofighter from the four member dogfight and give themselves more space to maneuver. Laser fire melted and charred their thin armor, frying electronics and upsetting the balance they needed to pull of their impressive maneuvers. They were trying to bait the heavier fighter closer to cross with the Baba Yaga which would deal it a mortal blow with her weapons.

Spending to much time on his gunsight rather than on situational awareness the Lucifier did just that giving the Baba Yaga a clear profile shot on the whole fighter. The heavens lit up with the massive rocket barrage that the fighter received. Nearly 320 rockets were fired at once followed by the heavy autocannons. The Lucifer became nothing more than a field of space debris after the impact.

The Dropship was taking heavy fire it was effectively a sitting target for most of Top Shot’s weapons and the RedTails’ Arrow IV’s punched big holes in the thick armor. Alina’s Slayer was heavily damaged, her right wing was completely exposed after taking a heavy autocannon shot from the G15 Block II Lightning that tailed her. The entire fuselage was compromised, her cooling systems were nearly shot and it was all she could do to keep the Binary laser online. Aeropilot Devarine’s Stingray was equally shot up, having traded places with her wing mate on several occasions, her Binary was off-line and she was down to one heavy laser. Their opponents were severely damaged but still functional, one rotary autocannon was slag hanging onto the nose cone of the Lightning G16D fused together after being hit with a Binary laser cannon.

The Stuka, Thunderbird, and Redtail were heavily damaged but these craft were designed to go toe to toe with assault dropships. The Baba Yaga’s fuselage was charred and rent metal, some of it’s guns had been slagged by lucky shots from the Thunderbird’s Gauss rifles. It looked like Mercs Unleashed and Major Grey were starting to get the upper hand. The remaining Aerofighters began to pull back breaking for atmosphere as quickly as they could.

KINGBREAKER squadron seemed to win when their radiation alerts blared, the Redtail launched a pair of Davy Crockett M Tactical Nukes at the Baba Yaga.


Aboard the Baba Yaga

Major Grey looked at the readouts, the Baba Yaga couldn’t evade this but might be able to take it. Captain, it has been a great pleasure to serve with you

Thank you Major but the pleasure has been all mine

Felicity Grey keyed a set of macros to Blackbird’s command console.

I’m really sorry Maria, I hope you can forgive me for being so selfish.

META – Does Felicity make it? Serious question, the Baba Yaga could theoretically tank a pair of nukes if they hit the right spots, or it explodes and creates an amazing meteor shower.


I want her to live just so I can watch Major Brekard have a stroke when he finds out.

Grey's Final Stand? pt 2

Yeah well no one better headshot him when they fight him on the 12th. I agree that would be a great scene.

Grey's Final Stand? pt 2
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