Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Grey's Final Stand? pt 1

09/14/3065 14:15 Location – MIM Baba Yaga, Al’Sur

Major Felicity Grey watched Alina and her KINGBREAKER flight take off standing just outside the Baba Yaga, she couldn’t help but feel it might be for the last time. For all her professional career this group had been her longest serving collaborators, ones that higher command couldn’t request to be transferred or assigned to new units. As long as the checks cleared and they always would they had never disappointed her. She kept a professional distance but she felt proud for all of their accomplishments.

This mission had pushed both of them past their limits though, she didn’t expect this much action and hated being stuck on the sidelines while others fought on her behalf. Grey knew this would be her last field mission, MIM had ordered her to report to the Academy before she went AWOL and planned this operation. She couldn’t let Idlewood kept betraying them, let the Jaguars get powerful enough to threaten Canopian worlds, and having the Titanfellers attack Dainmar Majoris would not only greatly imperil Mercs Unleashed but the brand new M3 factories nearby. This would be her last op and she would be damned if it wasn’t going to be the best ever.

Alina despite being a brave and competent pilot couldn’t stop Top Shot, she didn’t have enough firepower but Felicity knew something that did. This Amur dropship was the prototype, the design had changed since then but the MAF had just left it in Niops space until she had “stolen” it. The Baba Yaga was designed to take on a squad of fighters in order to clear the way for on-board ground forces to assault. She had added Dr Selaj and her medbay and replaced most of the vehicle hangers with battle armor barracks but the weapons were original and loaded. Someone had to give her a test spin.

Major Grey walked up to the bridge where Captain Warez sat observing sensor read outs. Captain, we are assisting the mercenary aerospace fighters. They are outmatched and this is the best platform to deal with the threat.

Certainly Major, I will inform the XO and gun crews. Major Grey took position at the Intercept Officer console, Captain Baasch, I am taking the Baba Yaga up to deal with Top Shot. I am transferring my excess crew, Battlemechs, and injured to your vessel.

Affirmative Major, I will send out my people to assist in the transfer.

Felicity oversaw the transfer, all four of the Ebon Magistrate Battlemechs, their pilots and medical staff, and the remaining Ebon Magistrate infantry were off-loaded. Commander Thane was not happy, Major you are in no shape to engage in orbital combat. I am very tempted to knock you out and put you in the Raging Bull’s infirmary myself to stop you from killing yourself. He relaxed and flexed his hands, Thane we both know that even if you wanted to hit me you couldn’t do it even with my injuries. I’m not looking to kill myself, based on previous experience I think that Death is afraid of me, if she shows up I will fuck that bitch up and the pale horse she rode in on. You know I can’t sit idly by while others fight in my stead, even with one arm I can still operate the intercept officer’s console.

Thane was still pissed, she had nearly died twice less than three days ago and kept trying to get herself killed, Damn you Grey, if you kill yourself up there I will never forgive you. You’ve been pushing your legendary luck to long, it better not have run out. MIM still requires your experience, heaven knows we don’t have enough people with your abilities.

I guess we will see Thane, you know that if Top Shot breaks through, the Mercenaries are as good as gone, especially if my suspicions of that Zavijava container are right. This entire operation would be for naught. You have your orders Thane, keep the girls safe and make sure everyone makes it back to Canopus. I will return when I am done.

Thane departed, Felicity Grey pulled out a religious pendant from around her neck, it was emblazoned with an obsidian crow set in jade, Give me your blessing Morrigan one last time, my fate is in your hands

16:40 Tai’iqih Airbase, Astrokaszy

Squad Leader Benjamin Cirillo of Top Shot walked out on the Airfield in the shadows of the four dropships currently looming over his small Aerofighters. Ground crews buzzed along like insects in a finely coordinated dance, his Stuka was loaded with 10 TBAM-65 bombs. The large thermobaric bombs would blast Mercs Unleashed to pieces and that was just on his plane.

Every one of the other six Aerofighters was loaded with a full bomb load, they hadn’t seen much of the enemy Aerospace but if they didn’t send someone out to get him there is no way they would walk off the field. The Redtail idled nearby, it dwarfed even his massive Aerofighter but that’s because it was almost a drop-ship. According to the pilot we even had a pair of Davy Crockett-Ms to use today. That would be interesting he’d never seen a nuke go off before.

16:33 Above the Desert of Lost Souls

Squad Leader Alina Kunimoto sat inside her Slayer Aerofighter, the plane was a finely tuned fighting machine but she hadn’t been in a real dogfight since the disastrous attack on Zavijava years ago. It took all her training to maintain her breathing as she looked down on the planet below. She could see the storm fronts coming, massive sandstorms that would engulf the valley in a few days but the planet looked much prettier at high altitude than on the ground.

Her flight had been waiting in the Thermosphere for an hour and a half; they didn’t know when Top Shot would come, they might show up early and bomb the attack group, and Marcus, before they reached Al’Jair so she had told everyone to be in place.

Her long range radar picked up a different contact, MIM Baba Yaga, Major Grey’s dropship. Baba Yaga this is KINGBREAKER actual what are you doing up here?

Sorry for coming in uninvited KINGBREAKER; but this vessel makes the Lung Wang look limp, we are here to give her the first trial by fire. I’ll take control of the Aerospace defense, shoot what I tell you and we will get through this. Watch the flanks and rear I’ll sweep the skies.

The MIM Baba Yaga revealed its massive arsenal, 80 MRMs, 40 LRMs, 200 rockets, rotary autocannons, heavy bore autocannons, short range missile pods, anti-missile systems, and nearly two dozen energy weapons with the thickest armor the frame could support. It was designed to take a beating and deliver one to any fighter that dared get in it’s crosshairs.


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