Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Exodus, part 1

04/12/3064 Location – JC Ember MedBay, Derf System

Ash woke with a start, sharp pain and the smell of antiseptic assaulted her senses and she could feel the bandages that covered most of her body. The unit’s Medic Larz pushed her back down,

Watch Captain, please move slowly or you will hurt yourself more.

Larz, what happened?

Jan and his Star picked you up in the mud where you last fought the Titanfeller Captain.

Your wounds were severe, yet you fought the Elementals until they dosed you.

Stravag Mercenary! Any other casualties.

Just the Dark Caste Infantry, the Spheroid’s battle armor killed the whole Star but they blew up a Star of them so they died honorably. Some of your Mechwarriors have minor injuries, nothing out of the ordinary for a pitched battle.

Very well, I am going to speak with Vaska

Please don’t move to much yet Watch Captain, the Med-Gel is still working I will find him

Ash sat impatient, without much to do but examine her injuries. She definitely had a broken rib and tried to keep her breaths shallow. The knife wounds were customary it was not the first time she had fought with a knife and wouldn’t be the last.

Vaska walked in, a surprising old warrior for the Jaguars he was old enough to have graying hair. He had several bruises but seemed none worse for wear.

Yes Watch Captain

Give me a detailed report, I want to know what we have

He explained their current situation the Titanfellers had seriously damaged most of their mechs, there is no way they can win against the Falcons in their damaged state. They could continue and die on the battlefield or run into the Sphere.

Ash strained with the burden over several days of transit till the Ember regrouped with its Jumpship. She certainly didn’t want to die even with Glory against the Falcons and completely destroy the Jaguar’s Legacy but running galled at her Clan Indoctrination. Her unit was loyal to her they felt equally conflicted.

Jump Captain Erin plot a course to Port Moseby include our Cache location en route

Ahy Watch Captain

The_ JC Smoke and Mirror’s_ disappeared into K-F space bound for the Free Planet


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