Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Dust Devils

09/08/3065 Location – 75km SSE of As’SAb, Sahra’ Dayie’ Jawhar (Lost Souls Desert), Astrokaszy

The harsh sunlight broiled the sand and illuminated everything under it in sharp relief. Mercs Unleashed’s Vanguard marched alongside the road throwing up clouds of grey sand which blew in the fierce winds.

Sandstone promontories jutted out as they approaching the Oasis, a group of Headhunters came out from their positions. A squad of Battlemechs (Black Knight, Defiance, Tempest, Dragon Fire, Bombardier, and Gallowglas) and an equal number of vehicles (Behemoth, Assault Pike, three Manticores, and an Ontos) had positioned themselves to deal with your incoming force. Their support vehicles threw up grey sand as they moved toward Warawi and away from the impending battle.

Vanguard Commander Marcus Brandt called for a pause. The two forces stared down one another while the outside temperature reads 57C. A broadcast came in on an open channel, the broadcaster Identified himself as Captain Julio Reyes, Commander of the Headhunters

Mercs good to see you again, we didn’t think you would show quite so soon. We’ve been catching some of these fierce rays in your absence. Our employers insisted this is where you’d end up however so our vacation as Warlords has been cut short. Well they are paying us a lot of c-bills to kill you so we can continue it on Paradiso.

Not just you though, Major Grey, if you can hear this you killed my pal Sullivan on Hell’s Paradise. You have a bounty on your pretty little head as well so you’re next after I put down your boy-toys. It’s about time someone sent a worthy adversary your way..

The hostile forces powered up all combat systems, thermal spikes were picked up and the two forces moved to engage.

While advancing Lieutenant Nyx put in a recon report from her Anubis,

Major, hostile forces inbound on your position fast movers and a striker lance, they will arrive concurrent with the primary battle.


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