Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Connecting the Dots, pt 5

09/12/3065 23:17 Location – Mercenary Base, As’Sab, Astrokaszy

Sergeant Leon Reinholdt stood on guard right outside the mercenary tent camp, he put his rifle across his arms before lighting a Timbiqui Black Label cigarette. He put the pack into his armor pocket and heard a feminine voice harshly whisper behind him, Hands on your head Sergeant. Lieutenant Jasmina Ilonka stood behind him. her M3 10mm handgun aimed at his back,
I would salute you Lieutenant, but I don’t want to get shot. Is this going to be my last cigarette?
It depends on how you answer my questions
Do you know what smoking and secrets have in common Lieutenant?
He took a long puff from the cigarette
Once you have your first one you won’t stop until they kill you.
What happened at the scavenger settlement? Nasser told me Corporal Hermes just fired on a man with no provocation.
Just like my report said, one of the scavengers fired at me and I was protecting myself
Bullshit! you can lie to Joe and Markus all you want, they are polite enough to not probe into other people’s business; that’s my job and I can tell something is off with you. What does Ravina have to do with this?
She doesn’t have anything on me, she was imprisoned there, I rescued her.
You didn’t ask why she was imprisoned, maybe the scavengers had good reason to keep her under guard
She is a Magistracy Development Corps medical volunteer she doesn’t pose a threat to anyone
Tell that to the dead scavengers you left in your wake
Leon’s earpiece buzzed, Gatekeeper, this is Nest, we have a dozen small vehicles approaching from the southeast, please respond
Lieutenant if you don’t mind, I have to get to work, you should get back before the Strike Commander wakes up. Don’t want him to get the wrong idea, I don’t know if he could take two betrayals in as many days.
We’ll talk again Sergeant, Jasmina withdrew her pistol and slipped away disappearing between tents and into darkness
Leon removed his hands from his head and keyed his mike, Nest this is Gatekeeper, the rat pack is moving southeast.

The Desert Rats crouched behind sandbags, Bowman’s Locust, Roland’s Cicada_, and Muruyama’s Wolf Trap_ were on site but were holding position and their fire. Leon looked out on the approaching vehicles, Vanguard Commander, we have a dozen Jaguar Claw Sand Cats approaching the base under a white flag. Requesting Guidance.


Tack – “Jesus Christ… Hold fire but keep a bead on them. I’ll be right there.”

Connecting the Dots, pt 5

Whelp, that was easy, they came to us

Connecting the Dots, pt 5
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