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Connecting the Dots

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’a. Waypoint Alice —> Abandoned Settlement -→Ghost Town —>Nearby mines(?) -———> Al’Jafir

Hotfoot and Red Mist were tasked with this route here are their observations. The Abandoned Settlement was occupied at the time, the inhabitants flagged Hotfoot down and Sergeant Reinholdt’s security team flew in (report to follow) to make contact. While approaching the ghost town the pair realized that there had been a confrontation since the last sweep. Freshly dug earth and minor structural damage was noticed from yesterday’s photo recon.

While hugging the Pillars of Heaven Mountains on the way back, Hotshot flagged several abandoned mining shafts but while disembarking neither pilot noticed recent activity. The recon pair was challenged by hovercraft and Guardian Jump Fighters but managed to catch a glimpse of the heavily fortified travel station. Several assault tanks and heavy gun emplacements were dug in but there were not a lot of Battlemechs. The pair shook their attackers while only sustaining minor damage.

’b. OId Travel Station —> Ruins -→ Half Buried Town —→ Ta’iqah

Roughrider and Jez Roland embarked on the other recon arc, the Old Travel station was occupied by a squad of Indigenous militiamen. They hadn’t seen anything recently but had been ordered to occupy that area to catch a group of bandits that were stalking the wastes. The Ruins, North of Warawi were unoccupied but there was a recent flurry of activity since last sweep. It was noted for further investigation by an scout team.

Roughrider’s ECM allowed the recon pair to approach the Half-Buried Town near Tai’iqih. This town was mostly occupied by camp followers or displaced villagers there due to the Titanfeller’s presence. Jez disembarked and made contact with their unofficial Chief Malak, he mistook our BattleMechs for Titanfellers but was willing to speak. The position was marked for further investigation by someone capable of interacting more appropriately with them.

Jez and Ranvir approached Tai’iqih and got very closer before being chased away by hovercraft, VTOLs, and faster Battlemechs (Jenner, Jackal, PHawk, and Wolf-trap). During their observation period they noticed a convoy guarded by those Mechs departing toward Ni’keet. The scout unit ran away before Top Shot was scrambled to deal with them.

09/11/3065 11:52 Location – Abandoned Settlement, Astrokaszy

The Marten VTOL kicked up sand like a grey tornado that scoured the desolate terrain beneath them. Sergeant Leon Reinholdt and his “Desert Rats” disembarked, faces covered with masks and goggles, their tan and gray camouflage uniforms and body armor disguised their outlines as they advanced their M3 6.8mm Assault Rifles at the ready.

Two squads encircled the compound while the remaining two were greeted by a young man with his own rifle slung over his shoulder. Leon removed his sunglasses before greeting the man then began to speak through the Indigenous Auxiliary translator embedded into his squad. The young man handed the Sergeant a torn cooling vest with the MU logo on it. Examining it Leon shouted “Medic!” and followed the man inside with his squad. The remaining three squads took up defensive positions around the structure as a pair of troopers ran to the helicopter to retrieve a stretcher and medkit.

The Mercenary Infantry remained on high alert as they followed their guide through the twisting corridors. The settlement looked like junk but was well maintained, some portions of it might date back to Star League colonization projects but much of it was recent manufacture. As they walked through they noticed that this was the home of a group of scavengers, small workshops led into quarters and communal dining areas, small children ran between the heavily armed men walking in staggered file.

The squad stopped before a door with a Red Crescent painted on it, their guide knocked on the door which was opened by a petite young women wearing an apron. The pair exchanged a few words in Arabic before he waved the soldiers in starting with the stretcher bearers. They entered a brightly lit and noticeably cleaner room that smelled of citrus disinfectant, the ascerbic smell of salves, and various earthy smells emanating from the glass jars of herbs that sat on a rough hewn wooden bench. A small number of medicine vials and a portable diagnostic computer and imager was on a sturdier metal table.

A heavily injured man lay in repose on a grey cot instantly recognizable as MDC surplus. Two other men were laying down as well, one with a broken arm and the other with burns. The three of them took up half the cots that were located behind the white cloth partition. Their nurse walked with the translator, Sergeant, and stretcher bearers.

The platoon Medic Samira was at the injured man immediately her pen light flashing in his eyes, she snapped her fingers Nathan! Mechwarrior Alphaios! Can you hear me? The man groaned but he was weak from the injuries he sustained on the battlefield. Samira spoke to the Nurse who introduced herself as Ravina, she spoke French so the two of them were able to quickly exchange information about the patient’s current condition. Samira walked over to her sergeant, whispering Leon, Nathan is in bad shape Ravina has done all she can for him here he’s stable but his condition is poor. We need to evac him to Al’Sur and the infirmary soon. She has need for medicine that we have in stock, I will inform Doctor Westcastle to send it on the return trip.

Leon agreed and gave the order, the two stretcher bearers and platoon Medic were escorted out by their guide. Outside teams, Samira has one of our Mechwarriors, I want one squad to return to Al’Sur with her. Johnny get on the radio and inform Doc we have a dust-off coming their way with a chit. Samira will forward what she needs en route. Everyone else head inside I don’t want heat casualties, keep your wits about you and watch your mouths, we are guests here until the chopper returns

Another scavenger man replaced the one that had departed, Leon asked him via the translator whether there was any problem with them spending some more time here. The man insisted it was only proper and escorted him to a communal space where the remainder of his command had been gathered.

More to follow


We should have our own series on SyFy.

Good stuff.

Connecting the Dots

I always wanted to write for a TV series so this is the most fun part of the whole thing

Connecting the Dots
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