Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Cold as Ice, pt 7

Mina and Markus, pt 1

09/14/3065 03:52 Location – North Ridge, Al’Sur

Markus “Tack” Brandt had removed his cooling vest and was working on his Katas in the moonlight, he struck down imaginary enemies with extreme prejudice; ever since his Guillotine had been refitted with Triple Strength Myomer he had tried to smooth out every motion in his mortal form. Now his Guillotine stood broken in the Raging Bull’s repair bay, the Dragon Fire he would piloting till the end would feel different and he only had seven hours to get used to it before he charged right into the jaws of the Grenadiers at Al’Jair.

His displeasure at Major Grey had mostly dissipated, admittedly some of those imaginary enemies had been her. How dare she lecture him, he was the senior Commander of this unit. If she had just spit it out earlier this whole incident might have been averted, her and Mina should not be his prominent thoughts this night. There were a whole lot of guns pointed at him elsewhere to deal with knives and whispers behind his back.

Fortunately Alina had showed him some of the methods used by the Omniss and by the Outworld’s Aerospace pilots to calm down. He attempted to emphasize with her, as much danger as he faced on the ground in a Battlemech it had to be an order of magnitude worse for an Aerospace pilot. At least his Mech wouldn’t fly off into the cold, dark, airless void of space or crash violently into the ground engulfed in a fireball, well normally. I mean it could happen but there was a reason he liked to walking off dropships and that orbital assault drops were a rare thing for Mechwarriors, unless you were a Death Commando but those Mechwarriors were insane.

He re-centering himself before marching off to the ominous Mule dropship carrying his bag and cooling vest with him. He took a long shower, changed, and grabbed chow at the galley, it was fantastic; no wonder everyone had such good morale, this acquisition was money well spent. He had clearly joined the wrong side of the AFFC so very long ago.

Enough time had passed, he wanted to give Joe and Jasmina enough time to work through their problems and hopefully not kill one another, the unit could ill afford the loss of either of them. He received directions to the brig from one of the Dextran crew and walked through the labyrinth of passageways built into this drop-ship.

Arriving at the brig he saw Hendrick looking at his personal console, the man stood up Good evening Commander, Mr Leeson left about twenty minutes ago, the Captain says I don’t have to cuff the Lieutenant anymore, but its your call, Markus was caught by surprise cuffing her in a cell, he wasn’t happy with her but that seemed like overkill, No I think I can handle myself around Lieutenant Ilonka Hendrick, Hendrick walked over to the center door and knocked on it, Suit yourself Commander but if you get in any trouble hit the door three times hard and fast then close your eyes, she did try to break my nose

Markus entered the small cell, he stepped on a collection of papers, it was unlike Jasmina to leave a mess her small office area was always immaculate. Her eyes were puffy, damn, he really should have talked to Joe before coming here to understand what happened between the two of them.

JL: Hello Commander
MB: Lieutenant, I am going to try to make this as painless as possible. I am disappointed that the situation got this bad, but trust you have good intentions; although I disagree with the actions you have taken of late.
JL: I understand
MB: However I want to clear the record and you to answer my questions truthfully. What is your relationship with Major Felicity Grey?

That is a long story but I will summarize it for you because we have a lot to do, My name is not really Jasmina Ilonka and I wasn’t born on Royal Foxx like it says on my dossier. I was born Maria Mendoza on Logan Prime in the Lothian League, my family’s village was attacked by the Marian Legions and I escaped into the forest with a few others. We survived for about a week before then Lieutenant Grey and her first round of Wildcats rescued us and took us off-world.

Everyone was relocated, I went to school on Vixen, enlisted and went to the Avalanche Justice Academy before Felicity recruited me back into the third iteration of her unit where I did whatever she needed me to.

After you fought in the Xin Sheng Campaign I joined the unit under a false name at the request of Commander Grey. She really wanted a spy in a FedCom employed mercenary unit that could give MIM a clearer picture of what was going on there from a different perspective than say a pleasure circus or diplomatic mission. After I told her about what happened on Zavijava she and Shonsa Kiang Shi Fang contracted your unit to take down Sullivan Bane, he tried to kill me too so I didn’t cry when she got to him first, it is unfortunate that neither of them could find real evidence of what happened to the UrbStyc-A, I pray it was all buried in a landslide with the thuggees so it never sees the light of day again

With her (Shi Fang) death I suppose I am the only other person besides this unit that has managed such a long term relationship with Felicity Grey. Her Wildcats keep getting poached or used as seed units for new ARC teams, I think she is on the sixth iteration of the unit. She is really afraid of being recalled to Headquarters due to her being such a high profile target now. She may be the deputy director of the Active Response Corps but Directrix Elliot can still issue that order and Grey would have to follow it.


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