Battletech Mercs Unleashed

AAR - Battle of Sleeping Jaguar Oasis

09/14/3065 17:38 Location – 10km NW of Sleeping Jaguar Oasis, Astrokaszy

Flight Lead Wodan brushed the grey sand off of his olive flightsuit, he was still dizzy from the headrush, some divine providence and years of experience had activated his ejection seat moments before the crash. His distress beacon was blinking so it was working now, that was a good sign. What was once a Blue Hawk Conventional Fighter was now wreckage on one of the smaller ridges, a shame but he made it out alive so that was a solid win for a fighter pilot.

Tracking back to his ejection seat he grabbed the M3 10mm pistol carbine strapped to it and walked toward the crater where what was once a pristine Battlemaster now was mostly pieces. Johnny and his chopper were due to arrive shortly, the mission at the station was complete so they had sent him forward. Strike Commander Leeson’s Phoenix Hawk had circled back after picking up his beacon leaving the rest of the Titanfellers, shadowed by the rest of the FEATHERWEIGHT task force. His voice came in over the helmet’s set, Gabe is that you?

Affirmative Strike Commander

That’s great news I was afraid you didn’t make it

Me too Hotfoot, just blacked out for a little bit and needed to change the batteries on the beacon. You wouldn’t happen to have any alcohol in your cockpit do you Joe?

Afraid not Gabe, there is plenty back in the dropship though, you earned it today

The desert camo Phoenix Hawk squared up to the fallen Battlemaster, keying it’s PA, Thomas Brekard, exit the Battlemech now or we will extract you, you are finished

The Battlemaster while still on the ground responded via open radio, come and get me you bastard, if you are going to send me back to hell, I’m gonna go fighting

Joe Leeson sat in his cockpit, the Phoenix Hawk’s ERPPC was pointed right at the Battlemaster’s head, he could just end former Major Tom now and save Grey the trouble of finding new ways to kill a man. At the same time though he didn’t want to ruin her fun even if she had cost him a lot of sleepless nights and a great deal of trust in the “fairer” sex.

He settled for a final quip, I was hoping you would say that

The chopper arrived with a platoon of Jaguar’s Claws to extract the man who had formerly commanded their enemy and thus caused the death’s of many of their friends. They smoked him out and returned to the chopper with him.

19:07, Location – Coolwater, Disputed Territory

The Trojan dropship Raging Bull had landed on a ridge near Coolwater to reunite with the bulk of Mercs Unleashed, FEATHERWEIGHT had secured the initial landing area and STATIC had worked it’s way through the desert from Al’Jafir Station. The repair and salvage teams transported the fallen Marauder and recovered the Komodo and Battlemaster from the Oasis, pushed them into the Raging Bull’s cargo bay. Several mechs had been damaged but it had been a stellar day for Mercs Unleashed, the rested techs returned to the duty of replacing many damaged armor panels and fixing broken systems.

The ruin of Coolwater was a raw and terrible testament to the horrors of war, artillery had broken the stone village to pieces. Everything was scorched and pockmarked with bullet holes, fresh graves had been dug for the fallen. It was an apocalyptic sight and the smell was horrid, raw and inescapable. The Jaguars dispersed desperate to see if perhaps others had survived the Grenadier attack and weren’t able to evacuate with them. The hillside their fort was dug into was torn apart by shell and missile fire, rusty wire and blasted stone littered the slopes.

20:48 Location – In orbit aboard the Mule dropship Rodeo

Major Felicity Grey and Captain Warez had taken their bitter medicine, iodine to prevent cancer, she had to laugh if she lived long enough that cancer finally killed her it would have earned the right to. She checked her journal entry, 49 times she had faced death, amusingly her legend said she had 100 lives, but then again those were a little embellished. Now she feared it wouldn’t make it to 50, of course there was still time before she was stuck playing Headmistress.

Captain Warez was looking over his noteputer, Major, the databanks have been wiped and all classified equipment has been destroyed, now we just need coordinates to scuttle her to, I was thinking somewhere near the equator where no one lives

Major Grey plugged in some coordinates, the vessel tracking chart shifted How about these?

The Captain eyed her incredulous, You’re certain?

I’ve never been more sure of anything Captain, I only wish I could see the reports they send back

Those coordinates will do nicely Major, I will lock them into the NavComm for remote activation once were are off-world


AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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